It all started when a food enthusiast (me) was inspired by the movie City Slickers. In the movie, two ice cream magnates are challenged to find the perfect ice cream flavor to follow any meal. As a vaper, this challenge sounded very attempting. Wich flavor combines best with what meal. So, no more dessert for me. When everyone else at the table was scooping ice cream after dinner I started to vape a meal matching flavor.


The search for the perfect e-juices soon became kind of an obsession. An obsession and a frustration. A frustration because almost all the concentrated flavors that where on the market didn’t meet my expectations, after all, more than 90% of the flavors in the market are industrial, artificial products made in China. I really wanted flavors that give the pure taste like nature meant to be, even when it is vaped. The existing flavors where a kind of turbo-flavors, overdeveloped with only one main goal: shock the taste buds. There is a big difference between flavoring a cake or an ice cream and flavoring a burning coil.


After a flavor dissolution for the umpteenth time I decided to find a professional partner that could help me to develop a concentrated flavor range so I could make high end e-juices that meet my gourmet standards.


Luckily I’ve found a small concentrated flavor manufacturer in Belgium. They are specialized in high-quality concentrated flavors for the food industry, the artisan way, for over 80 years. Over all these decades their signature concentrates are the Gin flavors. We combined our forces and after a long period of research and development we put the 80 years of experience in to high-end concentrated flavors for e-juices. I hope you enjoy our Flavormonks concentrated flavors as much as I do.


Please feel free to send me a personal e-mail if you got any question or remarks. I would love to hear from you.


Geert Van Honsté