83 years of experience in one bottle

100% Natural Gin Flavors

We produced our first Gin flavors in 1935, that’s 83 years of Gin experience.
We supply Gin flavors to the biggest Gin brands in the world.

And now we have put all our Gin know-how in flavors,
especially made for the vape market.

Our basic Gin flavor. We have used 14 botanicals to create this masterpiece. If you’re a true Gin lover you can vape it pure, but this is a great flavor to create some delicious mixes.

Gin in Paris, one of the best flavors you will ever taste. Our fantastic Gin mixed with a slice of orange, infused with extra creamy banana. A multi layered fit-for-the-gods standalone flavor.

Gin Orange. The combination of our 100% natural Gin with a 100% natural Orange zest gives a devilishly good standalone flavor. For the master mixer is this a base to create a signature flavor.

This is the real deal, it is a real Gin Tonic taste, not in a glass but in your tank. A stand alone ADV flavor that doesn’t need any extra’s. 

OMGin, an exquisite combination of Gin, blue and red berries and strawberries. An exceptional, decadent stand alone flavor for those who can appreciate quality flavors.

Red Gin, a sublime mix of our Gin flavor infused with an exquisit cherrie flavor. A magical, lip smacking flavor that should be forbidden.

Our Gin flavor combined with one of the best fruits there is, raspberry. Result: A delicate experience for your mouth and tongue.