Fruit Flavors

Delicious, natural fruit flavors, the Flavormonks speciality. The taste of a ripe strawberry, a green apple or an exquisite cherry taste, it's all there. For a complete list of our fruit range click here.

sweet betsy flavors

The Sweet Betsy flavors are all "Sugarlips guaranteed". If you love the taste of sweet fruit or cookie then we're sure that you will find your favorite in the Sweet Betsy range. Click here to discover our Sweet Betsy line.

classic flavors

The Classic flavors, from Amaretto to Vanilla, you can find them here. Great solo flavors or great to use them in a mix. Click here and check them out.


Our Divine flavors have one main purpose: exclusive taste experience. All the flavors from the Divine series are crafted from several of the best ingredients to give you a multi layer experience with a fine after taste. Click here for a complete "divine" overview.

gin flavors

Our Gin flavors are the best in the world. If you are in search for the best vaping experience, try a delicious Gin flavor. Click here for a complete Gin overview.

About Our Flavors

Flavormonks crafts a delectable line of outstanding concentrated flavors, unique in the world. All of our products are freshly handmade by food grade standards. Our main goal is to deliver a taste true to nature. We don’t use diacetyl, acetoin, acetyl propionyl or alcohol in our products and we don’t color them.

We ship worldwide.

If you don't have a Flavormonks distributor in your region you can order directly at this website. 



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