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Mother Nature

We will be the first to admit, it is nothing short of a miracle what Mother Nature can do with the taste of an orange or a strawberry. Our creative mission at Flavormonks is to explore, capture, perfect and bottle nature’s flavours.

About Flavormonks

In 2015 we launched our first flavourings on the market. Our flavourings were an immediate success on the Belgian and Dutch markets. It was clear that there was a need for quality aromas. Something that Flavormonks has stood for for years: delivering quality products with the most natural character possible. Our aromas are mainly produced manually. We realize that this is not the most profitable way, but we insist on delivering our well-known quality. That's why we have been the reference on the aroma market since 2015. Meanwhile, our flavourings are sold all over the world. We have distributors all over Europe, in South Africa, in Canada and in America. What has always remained the same over the years is our responsibility to our customers to serve them as well as possible and to deliver the best products. Our mission is to produce great aromas with the best ingredients of the highest quality and purity.

Contact Us

Rozenkranslaan 143, 3600 Genk, Belgium.

Email: info@flavormonks.com
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