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Blueberry Cream

A delicious creamy, vanilla, burberry flavor. 

10% Cream, 5% Blueberry and 2% Vanilla.


Every week a new recipe. Get inspired by Flavormonks.

Tobacco Bastards, High Quality Tobacco Flavors

Tobacco Bastards

New from Flavormonks, Tobacco Bastards. 

7 delicious tobacco flavors like you never tasted before.  Produced by Flavormonks, this means high quality concentrated flavors.  Available in 10 ml., 30 ml. and 100 ml. glass bottles, shake and vape and short fill.


The quality of your flavor mix depends on the quality of your base. To get the best result we advise Flavormonks base. It’s a high quality pharmaceutical grade base. It is available in 10 PG / 90 VG, 20 PG / 80 VG, 30 PG / 70 VG, 50 / 50 and 100% PG en 100% VG, in bottle sizes of 125 ml., 250 ml., 500 ml. and 1 liter.

Silk Wick

Fine Silk Cotton Pads


It doesn’t get any better than this. Silk Wick is the best wicking material you can buy.

The combination of silk and cotton gives the Silk Wick pads unique advantages:

– it has a better heat resistance
– it has no cotton taste
– it has a much better absorption capacity
– it is very easy to use
– it lasts longer
– it has a higher flavor retention